We are a professional San Diego real estate appraisal company with appraisers that produce the highest quality home appraisals you are likely to find - backed by years of experience, a track record of satisfied customers, and broad success in San Diego courts of law and other dispute forums.

With every appraisal ordered, we consult with you to determine the lowest cost appraisal service that is appropriate for your circumstance. After receiving your appraisal order, we will review the available data with you and give you the best snapshot of the real estate market we can. If you determine that the data doesn't support your purpose, you can cancel your appraisal order, free of charge.

We have low rates for appraisals throughout San Diego and have designed our appraisal services with individuals and families in mind. We turnaround our appraisals quickly and usually deliver our appraisal reports 2 days, or less, after the appraisal inspection. Your real estate appraisal will be completed by a licensed appraiser and/or certified appraiser located in San Diego, and for your protection each appraiser maintains $1,000,000 in errors and omissions insurance.

We understand that choosing a real estate appraiser in San Diego can be difficult and are here to answer any questions you have. Please call today at (619) 822-1118, email us at sandiego@diegoappraisal.com, or complete our online form for a no-pressure consultation.
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