San Diego Appraisal Fees

While 95%+ of all properties in San Diego County will fall under the umbrella of pricing below, custom properties, rural properties, and properties with significant problems may carry higher fees.  If you think your property may be a difficult property to appraise, please call and you will be provided a no-pressure and free quote.

Are you unaware of which service may be best for you? We are happy to consult with you and advise you as to the lowest cost and best solution to for your need need.

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Common Appraisal Services
Below is a partial list of our most common appraisal requests.
Bankruptcy Date of Death
Divorce Partnership Dissolution
Taxes / IRS Estates & Trusts
Retrospective Loss Mitigation
Bankruptcy Probate
Foreclosure Insurance Disputes
Mortgages Proof of Net Worth
Bonds Pre-Buy or Sale
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